Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Semester Is Ending

I can't believe that this semester is coming to an end, it feel like we just got here well it feels like I just walked through theses door just yesterday but I been here for two years and now I am about to graduate, that's just crazy. I as been a wild time at Richard Bland but I am glad I came here because I learned so much and met so many wonderful people including my wonderful girlfriend who means a lot to me, if it wasn't for her I don't know what I would do. she keep me going, keeps my mind strong, and gives me the love that I been asking for all my life. I am glad God made me meet this woman and lucky to call her mine. We are now waiting on our letters for VCU and if we both get accepted there I will marry her soon because I know she is the one for me. Also Richard Bland taught me how to become a professor black man and to really find myself as a person. I became so much smarter going here and Richard Bland gave me the drive to succeed at everything I do. Going here also made me find my major which is sociology, I grew to love sociology because of the professors that taught that subject here, they were amazing. It's just sad this semester has come to an end and I will never forget my time at Richard Bland because it will be inside of me forever, Thank you Richard Bland for your teachings.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bulls Vs. Heat Tonight!!!!

I am so hype about the game tonight I have been waiting all season for the NBA to start. I am happy to see my homeboy Derrick Rose return to the big stage where he belongs but tonight in his first regular season game he will be going up against the forces of the big three in Miami, Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. The Miami Heat are coming off a great championship off season looking for a three peat. Lebron says he is the best and Derrick says he is the best but tonight we shall see who has the better team. Bulls and Heat has always been a good rivalry and the games always live up to the hype. Tonight is going to be a special night in the NBA not only because it is the first game of the season but because of the tension between the two team and because of the top players in NBA is playing in it. I know I can't wait and you can't wait either so tune in tonight at 8:00pm on  TNT folks. This may be a game to remember.

VCU BABY!!!!!!!!!

I will be graduating this fall and hopefully if God is willing I will be going to VCU. But to be honest I know I am going to get in I just know it. All my life it seems like everything never goes right. In my life it seems like I been running a race this whole time and each race I place second and never get in first place. I do not know why these things happen to me and sometimes I ask my me, what have I done to deserve some of the things that have happen in my life. It just seems with everything I do it is never the best or it do not turn out right. But if I get accepted in VCU this spring, it would truly turn my life around because I always wanted to go to VCU. I love everything about that school the environment, professors, food, oh and the hot women. If I get accepted I feel as if finally I got my dream come true and I will finally place in first place in my life for once. I mean don't get my wrong I am blessed I'm not poor and on the street and I have both of my parents and I have my own car with no payments also have a job at Sams Club, also I graduated from high school and will Richard Bland and all of that is cool but to graduate from VCU with a masters degree will really make my life so much greater. For once I just want to feel important and if I keep my faith and truly believe I will succeed. I believe everything that happen in my life happened for a reason now that I look back on as I right this blog but I hope these reason make me a better man and lead me to my journey to success.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I just saw the new movie "Carrie" and I was amazed because I thought it wasn't going to be all that good. My girlfriend bugged me so much because she wanted to see it so badly, so I decided to take her out to see it but I told her that it will be like the old ones that came out in the past but she replied "I never seen the old ones". I thought the old ones was pretty good and they all had the same story line and I figure this one would too but really it was a little different and I was suprised. Chloe Moretz did a wonderful job playing Carrie White, she actually made you feel Carrie's pain from the bullying, teasing, and the authoritarian parenting from her mother (played by Julianne Moore) she went through in everyday life. Carrie always stayed to herself and did not have any friends but one day after gym class in the locker room, Carrie took a shower and while showering she experience her first period. All the girls laughed at her becuase Carrie was overreacting about her period blood by crying and screaming, so Chris Hargensen( played by Portia doubleday) who was one of the girls laughing decided to record Carrie and post the video of her acting up, and when the principle found out, He decide to dismiss her from her senior prom. So Chris decided she was going to get Carrie back at prom by pouring pig blood her and why did she do that. When the blood is poured on Carrie she loses it and take her frustration out on everybody who was at prom who have ever did or said anything that hurt her by unleashing telekinetic powers destroying everything in her path. The movie was not really scary but more drama and suspenseful. If you go see the movie trust me you will not be disappointed.

Jordan Vs. Lebron

People keep trying to compare Lebron James to Micheal Jordan but their is no comparing because Lebron will never be better than Micheal Jordan and he don't even have the same playing style as Jordan. I mean really who would you rather have on your team if you wanted a NBA championship? Who would you rather take the final shot to win the game ummmmm I'll take Jordan all day. The only person that is even close to Micheal Jordan is Kobe Bryant, which is my favorite player by the way. Lebron said he want to be the greatest ever, well he better be ready to take a backseat because if he think that people will give him that title, he better think again. Jordan does everything better than Lebron on the court, even Jordan shoes are better than Lebron's. The only way I can say Lebron will be greater than Jordan is if he win at least 8 rings. No I'm not a Lebron hater I am just giving you the facts people.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team and this year we are going to win our division, so mark my word. We look pretty good this year and Tony Romo is playing the best he has played in a long time. Just as long as he cut down on the interceptions and keep throwing more touchdowns, I can't see no reason why we wouldn't win our division and make it to the playoffs, so Romo watch your feet and don't trip over anymore lineman feet please. Our record is kind of shaky right now but we got the potential to make it to the top. The reason I say this is because the Giants haven't won a game, poor thing and the eagles are having their troubles, I mean they are tied with Dallas but that's just right now because their wins really ain't come from nobody, they are going to struggle later in the season when they play better teams also they have quarterback issues. Then their is the Redskins, now the Redskins put so much hype around RG3 return to this season from his injury and expected him to take the NFC East by storm but it was the complete opposite. The Redskins are also  horrible this year and I may say the Cowboys gave them a great spanking last Sunday lol. If you are a Redskins, Eagles, or Giants fan then I'm really sorry to hear that I truly am but all I can say is get your black suits  and the potato salad out and get ready for the funeral because the Dallas Cowboys killing the division this year. "How Bout Them Cowboys"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

After Earth

Wow I just saw "After Earth" for the first time last night and that as an amazing movie. I'm not gone lie the movie kind of had my hype in a couple scenes, Jaden Smith and Will Smith did an tremendous job in After Earth. I specially like at the end when Jaden finally learned how to ghost, which mean in the movie to show no fear. If it have had to be me shoooooooooooooooooooot I would have died quick, fast, and in a hurry cause I would have been the scariest person out there. That monster would have found me and I would have told my dad (Which was Will Smith) " look we had a good run sir but looks like we going to Heaven now cause everything happens for a reason your leg broke, I'm scared and the monster found me soooooo this must be a sign so see you on the other side peace". I can watch this movie over though and last more than I can say about some of the movies that has been coming out. If you have not seen it please go see it trust me.